🤗 Deep Reinforcement Learning Class

Register here for the Hugging Face Deep Reinforcement Learning 🤗 class v2.0!

In this updated free course, you will:

- 📖 Study Deep Reinforcement Learning in theory and practice.
- 🧑‍💻 Learn to use famous Deep RL libraries such as Stable Baselines3, RL Baselines3 Zoo, Sample Factory and CleanRL.
- 🤖 Train agents in unique environments such as SnowballFight, Huggy the Doggo 🐶, MineRL (Minecraft ⛏️), VizDoom (Doom) and classical ones such as Space Invaders and PyBullet.
- 💾 Publish your trained agents in one line of code to the Hub. But also download powerful agents from the community.
- 🏆 Participate in challenges where you will evaluate your agents against other teams. But also play against AI you'll train.
And more!

📚 The syllabus 👉🏻 https://simoninithomas.github.io/deep-rl-course/
📚 The course 👉🏻 https://huggingface.co/deep-rl-course/unit0/introduction

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